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Catalogue Compilation Service

No time to compile your own CD-ROM catalogue?


Now the solution is simple and cost effective:

we can enter the data for you


We use the Bemax Catalogue Builder software package to enter your page contents into a database, which can be done very quickly and hence, at low cost. You choose the page templates and colours and our software constructs the catalogue pages from the contents of the database. Your product data may be enhanced with any number of magnified picture pages or Data Sheets.


The process is simple: you supply us with your product data, we enter it into the catalogue database and out pops a professional, fully interactive product catalogue on CD-ROM. We can also organize the replication of your catalogue if you wish, leaving you to get on with running your business.


When you need to revise your catalogue you can either ask us to make the changes or you can purchase Catalogue Builder and do it yourself.


All we need to know at this stage is the number of products you would like included in your catalogue and in which file formats your pictures and text are available.


Best of all, you can divide the project into bite-size chunks by sending us the data for one product category at a time. We’ll send the completed catalogue data back to you, together with a bite-sized invoice, ensuring that even your cash flow is manageable.


Don’t wait until you’re desperate for a new catalogue; contact us now for a free quotation!

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